An artwork that demonstrates our learning

Examine the Artist's Work

The artist model for Maungakawa Stories was Tracey Tawhiao. She uses newspaper canvases for her artworks and says that she wants to create artworks that serve as "her own version of the news" and "what it is like to be Maori in a colonised country". Students looked at the core elements of her practice including use of technique, motif, palette, intertextuality. 

Create meaning from the Canvas

Students downloaded a full page of the newspaper from Papers Past that contained an original secondary source they had found during their research.  They made a full base canvas by attaching it to a second front page from the Settlement signing coverage. Using the knowledge gained from their research they outlined key words and phrases to create their own found poem and version of the news.


Choose the Palette

Tracey Tawhiao always uses a fixed and restricted palette, often utilising pastel colours. Student experimented with mixing colour with the aim of creating their own restricted palette of four or five colours.

Add the Motif

Using the knowledge from their research, students identified possible elements that could be used as stylised symbols for the artwork. Tawhiao uses a butterfly and a fish but students chose stars (from Te Pai o Matariki), tui to represent the kaitiakitanga role of settlement, a triangle to represent the Maunga etc.