Where is Rewehetiki?


In the 1860s some of Tamihana’s followers established a new village near the pa; the settlement was called Rewehetiki, and its centerpiece was a large flour mill with scoria grindstones and a flow of water ensured by an earth dam. The mill at Rewehetiki was only one of dozens created by the Kingites in the 1850s and 1860s, as they exported huge amounts flour and other agricultural products to the Pakeha population of Auckland.

As well as hosting Te Peeke o Aotearoa, Rewehetiki became the site, in the early nineties, of Te Kauhanganui, the parliament of the Kingite movement, and of the printing press which produced Te Paki o Matariki (The Girdle of Pleiades), the official newspaper of the movement.