William Thornton purchases Maungakawa

"Maungakawa Estate, the Property of Mr. William Thornton, consists of about 6000 acres of land, and includes the top of Maungakawa mountain. The property was originally purchased by the late Mr. D. Thornton,  father of the present proprietor, and one of the founders of the well known firm of Thornton, Smith and Firth. The late Mr. Thornton was a very early colonist in New Zealand, and died in Russia about 1875. The estate is used principally for grazing and fattening cattle, and was for a number of years under the charge of a manager until taken over by the present proprietor. In 1890 a fine residence was erected on the property, whence excellent views of the Waikato, Mount Egmont, Ruapehu, and the Matamata waterfall are obtainable in clear weather.

Mr William Thornton the Proprietor, was born in Auckland in 1870 and was educated in England. He was married, in 1895, to a daughter of Captain H. E. Worsp, of Auckland, and has one son

Emma Bettle